How to create an LVM partition

cyburdine/ December 23, 2017/ Uncategorized

Below is a quick cheatsheet that shows how to quickly create an LVM partition. fdisk /dev/sdb create a new partition (n) change the partition type to be Linux LVM (t 8e) write changes (w) pvcreate /dev/sdbX vgcreate vg /dev/sdbX lvcreate -l +100%FREE -n opt vg mkfs.xfs /dev/vg/opt

CloudForms Appliance Architecture

cyburdine/ February 23, 2017/ Cloud Automation

I get a lot of questions from customers asking for the best practices of setting up CloudForms in their environment. They are typically looking for a tried and tested formula for success. Unfortunately, due to the complexity and custom nature of automation there really isn’t a quick and easy answer. The upside is there are some really great resources out there

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How to setup Active Directory on Windows 2008 R2

cyburdine/ January 31, 2017/ Uncategorized

This article provides prerequisites and steps for installing Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit. This article does not provide instructions for adding a Domain Controller (DC) to an already existing Active Directory Forest infrastructure. Prepare for AD DS Before you install AD DS on a server running Windows Server 2008

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How to exclude VMs from SmartState Analysis scans

cyburdine/ January 13, 2017/ Cloud Automation

Recently I received a call from a client who was having issues with certain VM snapshots growing at an alarming rate during their weekly scheduled SmartState Analysis scan.  The servers were primarily database servers, and the rapid growth was due to the VMs having a high rate of change on their disks.   These changes were subsequently being written to the snapshot delta files

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Adding a disk to a VMware VM in Cloudforms

cyburdine/ December 1, 2016/ Cloud Automation

We are using an VMware provider with our Cloudforms installation, and we can successfully provision virtual machines using Native Clone provision type from fully configured VMware templates. The templates all have a single 30GB thin-provisioned hard drive. Task We would like all virtual machines provisioned from these templates to have a second 30GB hard drive added automatically during provisioning. The second drive should

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Extending a partition on a CloudForms appliance

cyburdine/ December 1, 2016/ Cloud Automation

If you are needing more space on your Cloudforms Appliance, below is a quick cheatsheet. In your hypervisor, extend the virtual disk that the Cloudforms Appliance uses. Inside the CloudForms Appliance console run the following commands fdisk /dev/sda create a new partition (n) change the partition type to be Linux LVM (t 8e) write changes (w) pvcreate /dev/sdaX vgextend VG-CFME

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adding static routes to Mac OSX VPN connection

cyburdine/ December 1, 2016/ Mac Stuff

The other day I needed to setup a remote VPN connection back to my colocated environment and found that after setting up the VPN with l2tp I was unable to connect to any hosts. I quickly realized that I needed to setup static routes… so I dug around and found a great article by Rob Allen. To solve this, you

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How Double-Take Works

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How It Works Double-Take Availability is a software offering from Vision Solutions.  While it enables you to do quite a few things from an IT operational perspective, like disaster recovery and automatic failover, etc, we primarily use it to migrate both physical (P2V) and virtual (V2V) servers.  It offers a way to provide my clients with minimal downtime while making

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