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“Story Teller” Motion Graphic

cyburdine/ April 24, 2008/ Video Production

animator :: compositor This animation was for a church that was doing a series called “Story Teller”.  They had purchased a stock image, but wanted it to be animated so it could be running on the the screens on stage and in the lobby.

David Crowder’s :: You Are My Joy

cyburdine/ September 15, 2005/ Video Production

co-director :: camera :: editor :: visual effects This was a music video we shot out on the shores of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. We were completely blessed by one of the best sunsets the night of the shoot. We shot all locations in one day at the Great Saltair. The Saltair allowed us to shoot inside their

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The Apprentice: Salt Lake City

cyburdine/ February 25, 2005/ Video Production

director :: cinematographer :: visual effects This was a project I worked on for a very contemporary church in Salt Lake City.  They were looking to capitalize on the popularity of The Apprentice and tie it into their Easter service.  I worked with one of my favorite collaborators Bill Green and he and I lead this project which consisted had us shooting all

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Dexter Freebish – What I Need

cyburdine/ September 29, 2004/ Video Production

editor :: graphic artist :: visual effects This project was one where I had complete creative control. I was given the song and told that it was going to be played up on a 15 foot screen while a band played live. The central focus was to creatively display the words to the song. I spent a few days working out

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