cyburdine/ September 29, 2004/ Video Production

editor :: graphic artist :: visual effects

This project was one where I had complete creative control. I was given the song and told that it was going to be played up on a 15 foot screen while a band played live. The central focus was to creatively display the words to the song. I spent a few days working out the look and style of the text and backgrounds then animated it over the course of a week. There’s probably about 100 hours in this project and I think it was worth every minute. Most of the questions I get about the project are how did I create the billboard section.  I created that after being inspired by a scion billbord I saw when i was shooting photos down on Venice Beach in California.  I was looking for inspiration and came across those pictures and thought how cool would it be to have the lyrics be on the billboard and then zoom into each line.  Once I had the concept it was a pretty quick job of performing photoshop “magic”, adding the words I wanted to highlight and then animating them in AfterEffects. I also get thumbs up for the “rewind” effect near the end of the song. It is indeed frame for frame a rewind of the song back to the first chorus.  That again was just an interesting idea that popped into my head as I was putting this all together and once it was in there it just worked without much tinkering.