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I ran across a really cool video a while back that showed a live production coupled with the director’s talkback. The video was very cool, but I was once again reminded of how much I love video multiviewers.

I’ve built a few video production rooms in my time, but I’ve never had the good fortune of convincing anyone to buy a multiviewer.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well a multiviewer is a device that takes a bunch of video inputs and then displays them up on a big screen tv.  The alternative is a bunch of physical monitors that end up generating a ton of heat and don’t lend themselves to being very flexible.  The advantage of the multi-viewer like the Miranda is to be able to configure your previews and inputs into custom positions for various productions.

This is HBOs new HD studio in new york, in which they utilized a Miranda Kalieido-X system to run their preview monitors.  The problem I have is that a miranda system is crazy expensive.  As an example a Kaleido 16 input dual output is in the $16k, I don’t have that kind of money… but MAN I really want one.  So, insert my favorite phrase, “maybe I can build one…”
The key to success is getting video input cards that can do hardware encoding.  Below is my current hardware list that I think might work

  • 4 x Blue Cherry PV-981 – Four input video card
    • this would give us a total of 16 video inputs
  • 1 x dual head video card (this would give us 2 outputs to send to two big screen tvs)
  • 1 x pc that can accommodate 4 pci-e slots + video card.
  • Magical software that will run/configure the windows inside the display. (I’ll supply the magic)
    • make it scalable by combining multiple pcs similar to what i described above and tie them back to a single config interface.

Now gotta do a bit of research to see if these cards can actually do what I’m wanting.  If I can get past that I believe this could be quite a viable solution.  Man if I could find multi channel HD cards!?!  That would be the holy grail!  Anyone?


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